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‘Leak’ in Manny’s camp?

I knew everything going on in Pacquiao’s training – Floyd

Floyd Mayweather had a flawless scouting report on Manny Pacquiao’s training camp in Hollywood, the still-unbeaten US fighter revealed a few days after his masterful win over the Filipino icon at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Everything Manny Pacquiao did in his camp every day, I knew,” said Mayweather, who scored a lopsided 12-round unanimous decision last May 2.

“I knew when he boxed, I knew when he didn’t box. I knew how many round he boxed. I knew how he was looking. I know how many rounds he did in the heavy bag. I knew when his legs were cramping,” said Maywaeather, who raised his record to 48-0.

“I knew everything. I know about the MMA guy who is boxing,” pointed out Mayweather, referring to the mixed martial arts practitioner Pacquiao tapped to serve as one of his sparring partners.

Mayweather, 38, regarded as boxing’s pound-for-pound king, said scouting is a vital part of his buildup leading to a big fight.

“Anybody that I faced, I have known anything about you. It was the art of war. I have to be steps ahead of you,” he said.

Pacquiao kicked off his eight-week preparation at the Wild Card Boxing Club in early-March and chief trainer Freddie Roach immediately ordered the facility shut down to media and unwelcome individuals, especially during sparring.

Still, it was evident that the trick did not work as Mayweather claimed that he knew about anything that took place while Pacquiao was training there.

Meanwhile, Mayweather expressed his desire to visit the Philippines and lend a helping hand to the destitute and the needy.

“I still want to go over to the Philippines and help him feed the people that is less fortunate. I still want to go over the Philippine and do that and help the Filipino people. Why? Because, I have Filipino people who work for me. And they love me and they suppport me,” he added.

Mayweather said his last fight will be this September but a couple of days back, he mentioned about the possibility of granting Pacquiao a rematch in 2016 after his shoulder injury heals completely.

  • TeuBerto G.

    It is so obvious Mayweather knows what’s going on at the Wild Card Gym cause Team Pacquiao just can’t keep their mouth shut.