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Knights in shining armor

pilita corrales2

pilita corrales

KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOR – This columnist has nothing but admiration for men who marry “damaged” women.

“Damaged” in the sense that these women are involved in scandals, some which hit the headlines.

Must be true love.

One of them tearfully thanked her husband (they were married not too long ago) for giving a “damaged” woman like her a second crack at happiness.

Another one said she is “a woman with a past” and bless this good man who gallantly married her, allowing her to use his name.

Still another one was aware that his lady love had a most colorful love life – public knowledge – but just the same he brought her to the altar.

A wise old lady commented, “Nahugasan ang lahat ng kasalanan nila nang pakasalan sila.”

Knights in shining armor, I call these gentlemen.

SLOWLY BUT SURELY – How wonderful to see Kuya Germs (Moreno) back on TV via his long-running GMA show “Master Showman: Walang Tulugan.”

Slowly but surely, Kuya Germs is regaining his health after a stroke which paralyzed partly his arm and leg.

Two Saturdays ago, he interviewed Pilita Corrales, fresh from her successful CCP “Harana” concert with tenor Miguel Castro.

Pilita thanked Danny Dolor for inviting her to topbill “Harana.”

Kuya Germs and Pilita are best of friends.

GAWAD CCP – Come to think of it, the Cultural Center of the Philippines should consider giving Pilita, Asia’s Queen of Song, the Gawad CCP for her contributions to the music industry.

But Pilita and CCP have to wait for three years, when the awardees are considered.

Gawad CCP is given every three years and this year’s awardees include Nora Aunor, Ricky Lee, Armida Siguion Reyna, Fides Asensio, all familiar names in showbiz.

Danny Dolor also deserves Gawad CCP for his tireless effort in promoting Filipino music.

Problem is Danny is a member of the CCP board and can’t even be nominated.

Well, three years from now, Danny ought to get that CCP award.

A long delayed but richly deserved honor.