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Stars share scary stories


Actors in horror films have their jobs cut out for them: scare the bejesus out of moviegoers.

Sometimes, though, the tables are turned on them when they have freaky experiences on set and in real life. With Halloween here, we check back with celebrities who claim to have had chilling encounters:


“Naniniwala ako na may something…” said Solenn on “Tunay Na Buhay” when asked about the supernatural.

At 12 years old, the sexy actress was fond of drawing images that seemed to have been pulled out of a horror film, such as a human figure without a face and bodies with exposed ribs, among others. Her mother brought her to a doctor just to make sure she wasn’t going crazy.

Year later, while on a beach in France, Solenn supposedly had an encounter with an unseen being. “Someone grabbed me from behind, super hard. So I turned around to react but nothing was there,” she said.


The mysterious should not be feared, said award-winning actress Elizabeth Oropesa, who claims to have grown up acquainted with the unknown.

Elizabeth maintained she has the so-called third eye which allows her to see entities not from this plane of existence. She supposedly inherited it from her grandfather.

Growing up, Elizabeth recalled making friends with these creatures.

“Usually mga bata rin (ang nakikita ko). Parang mga engkanto, ’yung iba parang katulad din natin kaya lang mas madalas na mapuputi sila or nakalutang,” she said on “Tunay Na Buhay.”

The 61-year-old actress has apparently visited their “world.”

“We would go up a tree and disappear. (Their world) is so beautiful and clean, maybe earth was like that a long time ago,” she recalled.

She who starred in the 1987 horror movie “Takot Ako, E” can’t forget one frightening experience she had right at home.

She once asked a friend over to do her hair but their bonding time turned eerie come dinnertime. When the friend told the actress to call in her second maid to join them at the table, Matet wore confused countenance.

“Nanlaki ’yung mga mata niya, sabi niya, ‘Matet, may isa pa kayong katulong dito sa bahay!’” Matet said on “Rated K.”

Apparently, De Leon’s friend had seen two maids in the house. She even recalled how the supposed second maid stared at her when she arrived.

“Nangilabot ako kasi ako ang taong mahilig sa katatakutan, pero ’pag sa akin na nangyari parang hindi ko siya kayang i-handle,” the actress said.


The TV host had what he thinks was ghostly encounter while shooting an episode of “Misteryo” at the Manila City Hall.

He recalled sensing somebody touch his back. When he asked psychic experts on the show about it, they said a Spanish-looking lady hugged him from behind.

“She was supposedly asking for help. I think she knew she was dead, pero hindi niya alam kung pa’no siya makaka-move on,” Ryan said on “Tunay Na Buhay.”


While shooting the 2009 film “Dalaw,” actor Tonton Gutierrez claimed to have had an encounter with the unknown.

After finishing a scene with wife Glydel Mercado, he asked the director to see a rough cut of the shoot. To their surprise, a child was seen with them in the frame.

“I was there standing in front of the sliding door, wala naman akong nakitang bata…” Tonton said on “Rated K.”

The scene was shot inside an ancestral home in Dalahican, Cavite.

Since then, Tonton has come to believe spirits roam the world.

“Talagang meron palang mga espirito na nagpapakita,” he said. (PAULYN ABANDO)