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Niño to set up trust fund for Alonzo

JUST A THOUGHT Fall seven times and stand up eight. – Japanese Proverb

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HALF OF WHAT MY FATHER DID FOR ME: “If i can do half of what my father did for me during my time as a child actor, I’d be very happy,” declared 70s child actor Niño Muhlach.

This was Niño’s reply to a query on how he’s handling the finances of his son, Alonzo, who at age 4 is quickly following in his footsteps.

At the media launch of Bossing hotdog, Alonzo lip-synched a fast song number and danced to its beat. At the end of his performance, the boy reminded his father, “O, I danced na. I can buy a toy later, ha, Papa” he said within hearing distance of everybody.

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TRUST FUND: In his prime, Niño Muhlach acted in a series of movies, TV shows and commercials. He earned tons of money, a large amount of which his father, Alex, a sound businessman, saved for him. A hefty trust fund awaited Niño when he came of age eventually.

Niño said he plans to do the same to Alonzo, a pupil at La Salle Greenhills where he’s a consistent honor student.

Niño says the family avoids teleserye assignments for Alonzo to protect the boy’s studies.

He’s doing two films, however. Wang Fam and The Beauty and the Bestie.

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