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A Whole New World of Online Shopping with Kata


Kata welcomes their all-new website with a bunch of surprises for its loyal customers: an online shop that would bring us closer to the Kata experience.

Yes, with a few strokes of one’s fingertips, your Kata device can be at your doorstep in just a day or two.

No need to fall in line or travel hours just to buy a Kata smartphone, all it takes is just a few clicks and it’s yours!

The simple yet elegant design fits in to the Kata identity which makes the brand more lovable to its audience. The user interface is smooth, and easy to navigate, with all the product information that you need before you purchase.

To celebrate this new milestone, Kata will be giving a huge discount on their Kata Box, pricing it from P2,999 to P1,999.

This deal is exclusive only if you purchase thru Kata’s online shop, and is valid on Friday, February 12, 2016 only. For more information about this deal visit Kata’s website: www.katadigital.com.ph