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Gloria Diaz opposes Isabelle’s wedding in 2016

Gloria Diazgloria d

FORMER beauty queen-turned-actress Gloria Diaz has admitted that she was not ready to accept the decision of her daughter actress-television host Isabelle Daza to marry her French boyfriend Adrien Semblat later this year.

“Right here we were sitting, he said, I would like Belle and I to get married one day. Sabi ko Adrien I’m not ready.

Sabi ni Ava (Gloria’s daughter), mom, he’s not asking you to get married, it’s Belle. Then I didn’t say anything,” said Diaz, during an exclusive interview in “Bandila” news program.

The former Miss Universe stressed that she was not against Semblat, country manager for a famous sports wear, who is a nice person.

“Siguro mga 30 pwede na. I got married when I was 36 at dalawa pa ang mga anak mo. Baka 30 pwede na. She’s too young,” Diaz said. “Ako nga I’ve been going with my boyfriend for 19 years, hindi pa rin ako ready.”

Isabelle, eldest daughter of Diaz, and Semblat have been in a relationship for six years before they announced their plans to get married in Tuscany, Italy. Semblat proposed to Isabelle in Turkey in 2015.

“I am excited to go on this journey with you and I’m excited to start our life together,” Isabelle told Semblat recently.

Diaz, 64, later changed her mind and suggested that Isabelle could get married when she reaches 35. “Hands up. I will push against the wall. Di na ako makakaimik. It’s not my choice eh. I can only suggest. Why not at 35?”

Isabelle believes that her mother will never be ready to let her go.

In a text message to ABS-CBN, she said: “Not ready… Ha ha that’s what she told Adrien when he asked for my hand in marriage. I think my mom will never be ready to let me go.”

Semblat said that he has already informed his parents in France about his plan to propose to Belle.

“I told them. I showed the ring and we went to this chapel church to bless the ring with my mom. In Turkey we went to two places, we went to Istanbul and Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a city in middle of Turkey, it’s an old city, it’s very famous for rock formations and very famous for [hot] air balloon rides,” he said, in an article published in boyabunda.net.

During the proposal, Isabelle recounted: “He said, ‘From the moment I saw you, I knew I could love you’ and then he said like, ‘You fit me perfectly, like the way you love me fits me perfectly.’ Sobrang cry kasi na touch ako parang when he said na ‘you fit me perfectly’ you don’t have to be perfect ‘di ba? But parang he said na ‘the way you love me fits me perfectly’ parang our families love each other, I love his family, his family love [mine]. So ’yun.”

Isabelle currently stars in the Kapamilya teleserye “Tubig at Langis” opposite Kristine Reyes and Zanjoe Marudo.

Isabelle’s father is former Makati City Councilor Gabriel “Bong” Daza. Isabelle is the granddaughter of popular Filipino chef Nora Daza.