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Daniel wants to marry Erich

Daniel Matsunaga

BRAZILIAN-Japanese model-actor Daniel Matsunaga has said that he wants to marry actress Erich Gonzales soon.

“I would love to get married to her. I wouldn’t be in a serious relationship if I wouldn’t get married,” said Matsunaga, during an exclusive interview in “Tonight with Boy Abunda” over ABS-CBN.

Asked when they will get married, Gonzales said: “In God’s wonderful time!”

Matsunaga, 27, also said that he is preparing to bring Gonzales, 25, to Brazil soon. “I want her to see my home and my family.”

But with the extension of daytime teleserye “Be My Lady,” the plan of the real-life sweethearts to go abroad has been reset.

Matsunaga and Gonzales have earlier planned to go to Alaska in the US after they finish their teleserye.

“I want to travel with her everywhere. If I can, I will bring her everywhere,” said Matsunaga, also big winner of “Pinoy Big Brother” reality show.

The real-life sweethearts also revealed that they would love to have kids.

“I want to have many kids,” Matsunaga said.

Reacting, Gonzales laughed and said: “Wow! Parang ikaw ang manganganak, ah? Ayos ka rin.”

But Gonzales said that she would love to have children after she achieves her dreams. “Gusto ko rin ng kids pero hindi pa ngayon dahil marami pang pangarap.”

The sweethearts said that they have been saving for the future, adding that they have already passed the “gimik” stage.

“I haven’t gone out in a year now,” Matsunaga said.

Recently, Matsunaga and Gonzales celebrated their one-year anniversary as sweethearts with a simple dinner.

After one year of being in a relationship, Matsunaga realized that Gonzales is “the one.”

Matsunaga also said that Gonzales is close to his mother.

“She’s like a daughter to my mom. They always see each other and I got to meet her family as well. I love her sister who came from Japan. Our family relationship is so close,” he added.