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LP: Duterte threat to democracy

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Philippines – The Liberal Party (LP) yesterday assailed what it describes as a governance of fear that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte espouses, making him a potent threat to democracy.

Akbayan Rep. Barry Gutierrez, LP spokesman for campaign, explained that Duterte’s vow to execute as many criminals is also a travesty to the justice system which is an integral element of a democratic country.

“He is a threat to the democracy we cherish,” said Gutierrez.

The LP spokesman was reacting to the recent SWS survey which shows Duterte now taking the lead in the presidential race with 27 percent.

Poe dropped to 23 percent with Binay and LP standard bearer Mar Roxas getting 20 and 18 percent, respectively.

Gutierrez acknowledged the result of the survey but was quick to warn of the negative repercussions.

“It is becoming clear that more and more of our countrymen are being seduced by the politics of fear of Mayor Duterte. To ease our fears, we give him our freedom and rights,” said Gutierrez.

For Gutierrez, only Roxas is the only candidate with the proven integrity, experience, and competence to realize our dream of having a decent country.

“We call on all decent Filipinos to rally behind Mar. Only Mar has proven to be capable to standing up to Mayor Duterte, to have a solid base of support, and to have an organization that can deliver victory,” said Gutierrez.

“And when the real survey comes in May, let us show our courage in not giving in to fear. Let us show our support for democracy. Let us support Mar and Leni,” he added.

  • Ludwig Von Flash

    There is nothing the LP can offer other than “democracy” and “never again” to martial law. What has the so-called democracy done after 30 years? If voters are anti-LP, they should not be voting for Grace Poe as well, because she will become LP once elected president, thus officials who should be going to jail won’t be when that happens. Deep down, the LP knows Mar won’t win squat.