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Ochoa says dad worried he might do drugs

Dominic Ochoa

It took a lifetime before actor Dominic Ochoa finally got the chance to star in a lead role.

After 20 years, Ochoa stars as a super hero in the new TV series “My Super D” over ABS-CBN. Ochoa, 41, looked back at the days when his father did not approve of showbiz apparently because of drugs concern.

“My father is against it. When I was launched in ‘ASAP,’ he got mad. He didn’t talk to me for four months. Ang hirap nun,” said Ochoa, during an interview in “Tonight With Boy Abunda.”

Finally, his father gave him the go-signal to join showbiz full blast when ABS-CBN gave him three shows. “In six months, I was doing good. That was the time I convinced him. Sabi n’ya, as long as I don’t take drugs were good.”

Ochoa’s father had passed on two years ago. He taught him of humility, integrity and respect.

“Nung wake ng father ko doon ko narealize na hindi nga kami mayaman pero ang yaman pala ng father ko sa kaibigan because dala n’ya itong tatlong qualities na nasabi ko. Ina-apply ko rin ’yan sa anak ko,” the actor said.

Ochoa is married to businesswoman Denise Go. They have a son Sandro.

He also said that he is not a perfect husband but he would always make up for the lost time with his family.

“May pagkukulang din ako bilang husband pero I try to make up for the lost time. Minsan nagkikita na lang kami sa ABS-CBN. Sabi ko sa wife ko just bring the kid,” Ochoa laughed.

The actor also said that he is blessed to have a wife who understands his career.

“I’m very blessed because I have a hardworking wife. She also understands my career. What more can you ask for?”

Ochoa said.

Ochoa said that he was discovered by Abunda. He was first seen by the TV host and friends in a restaurant, then mall and the third time as front desk officer at a big hotel.

Later, Ochoa appeared in movies, commercials, and memorable TV shows namely “Gimik, “Esperanza,” “Toda Max,” “Oh My G!,” etc.

Asked if he has changed a lot since the time he entered showbiz, Ochoa said: “It’s still the same. Nothing has changed. Where I am right now, pinagtrabahuhan natin ito. It does not matter if I were given a lead role or not pero namuhunan ako dito ng hard work.”