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LP hits Davao mayor

The Liberal Party warned of a disaster in Philippine foreign relations under a Rodrigo Duterte presidency, even as it reminded the tough-talking presidential candidate that the country’s international relations is much bigger than his ego.

Akbayan Rep. Barry Gutierrez, LP spokesman for campaign, said Duterte’s antagonistic remarks against Australia and the United States are now giving the Filipino people the idea that he is unfit to run a country like the Philippines which values relations with other countries, particularly old allies.

“Mayor Duterte has now insulted two countries. These countries are our friends who accept our OFWs, joined us in making a stand against the theft of our territory, and help us in improving our economy,” said Gutierrez.

“Is this the President we want? How will he protect our OFWs if these countries are mad at him,” he asked.

In a recent interview with him, Duterte was quoted saying that Australian and US should just sever ties with the Philippines. This after the ambassadors said that murder and rape should not be joked about.

The Australian and US envoys were reacting to Duterte’s “rape joke” during a recent sortie.