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Right choice for Pinoy voters


FACING GIANTS – The advocacy movie, “diYOS-DIYOSAn” opens on May 4, Wednesday, facing giants (read big local and Hollywood films). But Christian director and writer Cesar Evangelista Buendias is confident it’ll do well as religious organizations for clean and honest elections are supporting “diYOS-DIYOSAn.”

Hopefully, all of them will flock to theaters on the first day of showing. And that others will follow suit.

It took direk Cesar some five years to prepare for his dream movie… and at long last it’s a reality.

He previously directed indies shown in schools: “Pag-asa ng Bayan,” “Padre de Pamilya,” and “Agawan Base.”

CAST – The movie’s topbilled by John Prats and Princess Punzalan, supported by Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Glaiza de Castro, Lorenzo Mara, Vaness del Moral, and Tirso Cruz III.

It chronicles the transformation of Bernard Mojica (John) from a young idealist to a deceptive, cunning, and crafty politician. Bernard’s teacher Estrell (Princess), former activist turned teacher, shaped his destiny by way of her atheistic beliefs and self-centered ideology.

Direk Cesar says John is a revelation. He’s known for comic roles but his acting in “diYOS-DIYOSAn” proves he can be a dramatic actor. Equally impressive is Princess, but then she’s always been a fine actress, one of Lino Brocka’s favorites. Direk Cesar hopes Princess will come more often from the US, where she’s a nurse. “…Because just like a gem, there’s so much more she can reveal, so many layers of feelings and emotion, the deeper you get into her core.”

Kiko at 23 shows so much promise, exceptionally effective in drama.

Think “Maalaala Mo Kaya” and “Magpakailanman,” where he played mama’s boy and call boy, respectively. Kiko’s parents are Gary Estrada (incumbent Quezon board member and running for vice governor) and Cheska Diaz, both good actors.

PINOY VOTERS – With the elections only a matter of days away, the movie hopes to inspire and enlighten Pinoy voters.

May all of them rely on their moral compasses to guide them, a valid criterion for making the right choice.

Direk Cesar says amid corruption, there is hope, “Real change can only come from God. Hindi ako, hindi tayo ang simula ng pagbabago.”