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Marian willing to grow fat for the sake of more babies

Marian and Dingdong

JUST A THOUGHT: “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Donald A. Adams

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KAHIT SIYA’Y TUMABA: For the love of a sound and solid family life, Marian Rivera is willing to sacrifice her slim and fit sexy figure.

The comebacking actress says the joy of motherhood has no equal and that she’ll be happy to have more children by her husband Dingdong Dantes.

“I don’t care if my body will lose its shape and all that. All that matters is having more children and a happy family life,” she added. The actress stated that she considers having a good husband and a child right after a great blessing from God.

Marian regaled the media with her motherhood stories when GMA launched her first talk show, “Yan ang Morning,” which premiered on May 2.

Those, and other housewifey concerns, shall make up the menu of the network’s latest mid-morning offering.

* * *

NOT READY TO GO LIVE: Hosting, she said, isn’t her forte. “I admit I’m still learning a lot.”

But, she’s a fast learner, according to her director, Louie Ignacio.

Louie says hosting challenges the mind of hosts. “Such is the ultimate test to an actor.”

Nevertheless, Marian feels she’s not yet ready to go live. She still tapes the program, which allows her more time with her baby.

* * *

WANTED HOUSEWIVES: “Yan ang Morning!” is described by its creators as a talk-variety show that allows viewers, mostly housewives, a chance to peep into Marian’s lifestyle and even learn from her experiences.

Being a new mom and homemaker, Marian hopes to become an inspiration to other women in achieving a healthy balance between work and homelife.

The staples in typical women’s programs are visible on Marian’s menu.

It has a cooking segment called “Luto ni ‘Yan.” A do it yourself segment tests Marian’s mechanical skills.

Joining Marian as co-host is her best friend, comedian Boobay.

For a taste of Marian’s new lifestyle, catch her show daily at 10:45 a.m. after “Hi School Love On.”