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Princess returns, misses acting

princess punzalan

JUST A THOUGHT: “The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.” – William F. Scolavino

* * *

PRINCESS RETURNS: Away from the cameras for a number of years, Princess Punzalan happily reported that a script offered to her three years ago landed on her lap again like it was really meant for her.

The New York-based actress-turned-nurse plays a teacher who influences a young idealist (John Pratts) and turns him into a deceptive, cunning politician.

Princess says the film’s schedule had perfect timing. She came to Manila to continue her scenes in TV series The Story of Us, which she initially shot in New York. While in Manila and with Princess around, the film came to be.

* * *

POLITICAL FILM: Cesar Buendia, its director, describes Diyos-Diyosan as a socio-political/spiritual film whose showing seems perfect. The movie opened May 4, exactly five days before the May 9 national elections.

‘We hope that through this film, we can help open the eyes of our people in choosing the right leaders,’ Buendia said at a press conference.

Princess clears she’s not resuming her acting career entirely. ‘I make the most of what is there for me. I’m glad producers remember me and I’m thankful to them for the opportunity to act again occasionally.’

Diyos-Diyosan features a supporting cast that includes Kiko Estrada, Cheska Diaz, Lorenzo Mara, Vaness del Moral, Glaiza de Castro, Tirso Cruz III. It shows in all branches of SM and Walter Mart cinemas all over the country.