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‘Darna’ is majestic

ROSA del Rosario

SOARING TO THE SKY – There are reports that a big-screen version of “Darna” is in the works… to be directed by Erik Matti.

Anne Curtis denies she’s been tapped to play the Pinay superwoman, but admits she’s doing a movie for Erk. Nadine Lustre and Liza Soberano are reportedly being considered. And that Angel Locsin, the original choice, before she suffered a back injury, might be healthy enough by this time and ready to soar to the sky.

I’ve written about this before and writing it again to guide direk Erik and others who have a say in choosing “Darna.”

MAJESTIC – According to dear colleague Cris Almario D., “Darna” ought to be majestic. Yes, also pretty and even sexy, but more than anything else majestic. One with regal bearing.

Cris said that the creator of “Darna” himself, the late Uncle Mars (Ravelo) said so. Cris used to write for Uncle Mars’ publications and had interviewed the author many times.

Asked who among the “Darna” stars was the best, Uncle Mars’ quick answer was the original, Rosa del Rosario. Cris quoted Uncle Mars as saying that when he created “Darna” he wanted the Pinay superwoman to be, that word again, majestic. And Rosa, movie queen and great actress, had that quality.

When Rosa did “Darna” in the early ’50s, she was already in her late 20s, but still very lovely and shapely. And queenly.
By the way, Cris dear, where are you now?

NEW ‘DARNA’ – Now, who’ll be the new “Darna.” The choice is limited to Star Cinema – ABS CBN actresses as they have the exclusive rights to “Darna” and all other Uncle Mars creations.

With the attribute majestic in mind, the following come to mind:

KC Concepcion, Maja Salvador, Julia Montes, Bela Padilla, Jessy Mendiola or Angel Locsin, who played “Darna” on television when she was with GMA. That is, as earlier noted, if she’s well enough.

Or perhaps, Star Cinema could launch a nationwide search for the “Darna” role.

Previous “Darna” stars included Vilma Santos, Gina Pareño, Anjanette Abayari, Nanette Medve, and Marian Rivera (on TV).