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How cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao fights acne

ALODIA Gosiengfiao

INTERNATIONALLY-known cosplayer and model Alodia Gosiengfiao may find herself in the limelight, but like any other young person, acne problem is a struggle she also deals with.

Alodia is but one of the many young people whom Dr. Vicki Belo and her clinic, the Belo Medical Group (BMG), have been helping. It’s no secret that Dr. Belo’s personal fight against acne as a young girl was what drove her, when she became a doctor, to research and leave no stone unturned in finding a lasting solution to this acne problem that has been plaguing the youth.

Today, more than 26 years after BMG has been founded, Dr. Belo holds the distinction of having the most advanced and complete line of treatment for acne and acne scars – from products, to facials and peels, to laser light therapy to RF treatments.

BMG has come up with a Customized Belo Acne Program that can deal with moderate to severe acne problems where over-the-counter medications almost always prove futile. And that cannot be found anywhere else.

Dr. Belo has been helping Alodia in this area explaining that “effective management of acne requires a combination of treatments.” She says, “Our customized acne treatment program will have the patient undergo assessment from our expert doctors first, and then products and services can be combined to tailor-fit the needs of the patient depending on the severity of acne problem. We can promise clear skin in only 8-12 weeks and you can say goodbye to those ugly, bumpy and painful acne.”

Alodia only has good words for Dr. Belo and her clinic for the wonderful job they have been doing on her now flawless complexion and maintaining it.