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Kris goes abroad for 2-month vacation

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One day after the 2016 national elections, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino went abroad for a two-month vacation with her children.

“I promised my Kris Tv viewers I’d share w/ you our new home – no more show but I’m keeping the promise, medyo matagal pa… I’ve always said, my sons & I wouldn’t have what we have now had it not been for the 20 years you allowed me to be part of your daily viewing;

“I thank my home network ABS CBN, and all our past & current endorsements for the trust & the opportunities to be a part of your lives. MaramingSalamat. Much love & gratitude to all of you. Kris Aquino, signing off,” said Aquino on Instagram.

Aquino, 45, did not reveal her destination abroad but reports said that she will be going to the US.

Unconfirmed reports also said that the presidential sister has bought a property in Hawaii.

For the past months, Aquino and her kids frequented Hawaii and enjoyed their vacation there.

Before she left, Kris helped her brother President Aquino campaign for administration bets Mar Roxas II and LeniRobredo.

Roxas, currently No. 2 in the partial and unofficial tally, has conceded to presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte.

But Robredo is neck-and-neck with Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos in the vice presidential race.

Aquino’s latest IG post, however, was met with mixed reactions.

Multi-awarded talk show host Boy Abunda said that Aquino would still return to showbiz and resume her career soon.

“Kris is doing very well. She’s leaving and she will be back after a couple of weeks,” said Abunda, in his late night talk show “Tonight With Boy Abunda” aired over ABS-CBN.

“Will she back on television? ‘Yes!’ When? I don’t know,” said Abunda.

“But I think it should be sooner than what the people expect. I can’t imagine showbiz without Kris Aquino satutoolang,” he added.

In March, Aquino said that she would take a wellness rest upon advised of her doctors.

Aquino later bid showbiz goodbye for now after working for ABS-CBN for 20 years.

Aquino said that non-stop work under the spotlight and bashers have caused her stress and hypertension.

She added that she will be resting so that she would be a strong and healthy mother to her children.