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Sexy and naughty

Dennis and Heart

STRICT PARENTAL GUIDANCE – It may well be billed SPG – strict parental guidance – sexy and naughty primetime series “Juan Happy Love Story,” which opens tonight on GMA. It stars the networks’ drama king Dennis Trillo and sweetheart Heart Evangelista.

“Juan Happy Love Story” is loaded with sexual undertones in both dialogues and scenes, making Dennis and Heart blush. But then it’s all the line of “duty” and so, in their words, “itinawid namin.”

Miss Gloria Romero and Mr. Nick Lizaso, playing Dennis’ grandparents, say, “Hindi pambata,” but assure they don’t cross the line, “Di naman bulgar.” Can’t imagine Miss Romero, the most regal movie queen, being one. Ditto Mr. Lizaso, esteemed director-actor.

PLOT – Dennis plays Juan, a good guy really, but certified “chick boy.” Heart is Happy, feisty and family oriented, relying on signs to find her The One.

The lovers and eventually husband and wife are tested when they found out they can’t bear a child, prompting them to adopt Leanne Bautista (Katkat) to complete the family.

Ah, enter Kim Domingo (Agatha) and Joross Gamboa (Bob) who are out to break the otherwise happy marriage of Dennis and Heart. Kim is GMA’s latest bombshell, while Joross lately has this sexy image (think of “home video”).

“Juan Happy Love Story” shows how a man and a woman who are worlds apart in their views about life and love find themselves in a whirlwind romance.

NO PROBLEM – How do the real-life partners of Dennis Trillo (Jennylyn Mercado) and Heart Evangelista (Sen. Chiz Escudero) take the SPG rating?

No problem, they say. Jenny herself does sexy roles, while Chiz is broadminded, seeing he married an actress. As noted, all in the line of “duty.”

Directed by LA Madridejos based on the original concept of the GMA creative team headed by Roy Iglesias.

Also in the cast: Gardo Versoza, Ericka Padilla, Dominic Roco, Vincent Magbanua, Rob Moya, Arianne Bautista, Coreen Medina, Vince Gamad.

By the way, Rob is the son of actor-turned-policeman Jovit Moya. Remember him? Rob confesses he hasn’t talked to his dad for the last nine years as Jovit is based in US.