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PNP chief: There are officials involved in drugs

Director General Ricardo Marquez, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), admitted yesterday that there are indeed police officials are directly involved in the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

Marquez said the information was relayed by the PNP’s counter-inlligence units which have been working to identify the bad eggs in the service.

“There are superintendents. That’s what our intelligence community has been working on in their counter-intelligence efforts,” said Marquez when asked of the highest official involved.

Superintendent is a rank equivalent to lieutenant colonel in the military.

But Marquez said there are only few police officers involved in the illegal drugs trade.

“Based on the report, they are all active members. And we are focusing on active officers because it becomes our duty to make sure that no active officers are involved in illegal drugs,” said Marquez.

In the past, a number of police officials have been implicated in illegal drugs trade and other illegal drugs-related racket. Most of them are assigned in the anti-illegal drugs unit of the police.

The recent was the involvement of the head of the anti-illegal drugs unit of Central Luzon and his men who were arrested for missing drugs and money after arresting a suspected big-time drug lord.

Marquez said there is a need to continuously run after the erring cops as part of the reform program of the PNP.

“The cleansing process in this organization should continue irrespective to what intervention if needed. They could resign, be filed with charges if evidence warrants,” said Marquez.

Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to intensify the campaign against illegal drugs as it is where his platform is mainly anchored.

Earlier, he vowed to end the illegal drug problems and other criminal activities within three to six months after his assumption as president.