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Piñol backs Ramirez

There is a call within the camp of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte to bring back William ‘Butch’ Ramirez as head of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) which the new administration intends to elevate to the level of a department.

The camp of presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte has yet to touch on sports owing to more pressing matters of national importance.

But once the Davao City mayor addresses the issue and decides to make key appointments in the PSC, the name of Ramirez will be mentioned, according to a member of Duterte’s cabinet.

Former newspaperman and boxing analyst Manny Piñol, who has been appointed agriculture secretary, said yesterday that less than a handful of Duterte’s inner circle are into sports.

“I will push for Butch (to take over the PSC once more),” said Piñol, who revealed plans by the Duterte government to give the sports sector a major role in nation building by making it a department.

Ramirez, who served as one of Duterte’s campaign managers, is the current head of the Davao City Sports Commission.

Ramirez left the PSC in 2008 after serving for four years and was quoted as saying a few days ago that he’d rather stay in Davao City to be with his family.

But Piñol feels that if Duterte asks him to return to Manila to handle the PSC, Ramirez will reconsider.

According to a Davao City source, the committee handling the application of job-seekers are looking for four things:

shared vision, integrity, competency and willingness to sacrifice.