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Urbandub back after 1 year

AFTER a year of hiatus, Urbandub’s Gabby and John are back to give “Dubistas” what they have been clamoring for. Urbandub’s return engagement, titled “Endless Revisited, The Concert” will feature acoustic version of Urbandub songs on May 27, 8 p.m., at the Music Museum. Also featured are the best new bands from the indie scene, Autotelic and Sirens.

Urbandub staged its farewell concert “Endless” on May 9 last year with thousands of “Dubistas” attending.

After the farewell concert, Gabby and John engaged in individual projects. Gabby runs his own production team called Nemesis Productions, managing fresh and upcoming bands from the indie scene. He’s also into selling after-tattoo care product called Dark Matter Artisan Soap. John fronts his new band Cables and Space while managing his own clothing brand called Pinnacle Clothing Shop.

Earlier this year MCA Music released Urbandub’s DVD entitled “Endless” featuring the band’s final concert at Metro Tent with the same title. The DVD also features a docu on the band.