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Chopped arms, legs found

Severed pairs of human arms and legs wrapped inside a rice sack were found near the entrance of the Senate yesterday morning, creating a commotion among drivers having breakfast nearby.

There was no sign of the body as police investigators combed the area for evidence.

The chopped body parts were discovered by Meniano Samarro, a 65-year-old vendor at around 5:30 a.m. less than 100 meters away from the Senate entrance gate.

Samarro, who is partly deaf, informed his 64-year-old wife Mila about the discovery.

The couple had just put up their small stall near where the body parts were found.

“Pinaghahanap ko ng malaking plastic ‘yung asawa ko para lagayan ng basura,” Mila recalled. “Nag-ikot, ikot ‘yung mister ko at doon niya nakita yung sako.”

Mila said they could not see any policeman or barangay tanod nearby so they went to the Senate security for assistance.

Judging from the size and characteristics of the body parts, police said it could come from a male victim. The absence of fresh blood could be an indication that the parts were cleaned first before being dumped.

Mila said she did not notice anyone near where the body parts were found.

“Maaga po kami dumating. Nagwalis walis muna kami. Wala po akong nakitang nagtapon ng sako,” she said. “Baka nangyari ‘yun bago kami dumating.”

The Samarros, who hail from Trece Martires, Cavite, have been vendors in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) since 1986. They just transferred to the Senate area last October.

They sell snacks and refreshments.

Mila said their small business is sending five grandchildren to school, including three who are now in college.