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‘The love that dares…’

AIZA Seguerra and Liza Diño

INDEED – Times and morals are indeed changing.

Now Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño, Charice and Alyssa Quijano, Rosanna Roces and an old flame, Geraldine Roman and her Señor from España, and other same-sex couples are accepted and even welcomed by society. They don’t have to hide “the love that dares to speak its name,” as written by the blind poetess Sappho from the ancient Greek isle of Lesbos.

Not so only 10 years ago. Then it was, at best, tolerated.

By the way, President-elect Duterte asked Aiza and Liza to help promote art and culture in his administration.

LOVING ARMS – Let’s look back.

A foreign beauty queen opted to stay in the Philippines as she fell in love with the scion of a prominent businessman. Sadly, the marriage didn’t work out and she found peace and comfort in the arms of a lesbian. They opted to live in the US, away from wagging tongues.

A beauty queen, this time homegrown, joined the movies and romanced a co-actor, award-winning. But then she herself turned out to be a fine actress and received an acting trophy from a very prestigious group.

They had a child, but the romance turned out to be tumultuous. He was married and had a string of affairs, while she remained faithful. Realizing their relationship was going nowhere, she decided to migrate to the US with her child.

There she found the true love she’s been dreaming of… in the embrace of a loving and caring lesbian.

Oh, today there’s a very fine singer who’s separated from her husband and is carrying on a long-lasting romance with a lesbian. She isn’t ready to come out in the open. So let’s respect that.