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Marquez opts for early retirement

Director General Ricardo Marquez has opted to retire from the service two days before the formal takeover of the incoming administration, keeping his promise not to be the stumbling block for the next president’s own choice of a police official to lead the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Marquez’s retirement honors is scheduled on Tuesday which will also paved the way for the vacancy of the four-star rank in the national police organization.

“Even before the elections, I said that whoever wins, I will retire on June 30 because if I would not retire, the next PNP Chief will not be able to sport the four star,” said Marquez.

Marquez’s mandatory retirement schedule is still in August this year.

Based on PNP policy, only one police official is entitled to be a four-star rank in the police organization, Director General. It is usually reserved to the sitting chief PNP.

But in some cases in the past, the sitting chief PNP remained a three-star rank for a while as the incumbent PNP chief would not retire and chose to be under Non-Duty Status (NDS).

Such incidents usually happen if there is an existing rift between the outgoing and the incoming PNP chiefs.

The PNP leadership, however, has decided to schedule the retirement honors of Marquez on Tuesday to give way for the two separate inauguration ceremonies for President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President-elect Leni Robredo. (Aaron B. Recuenco)