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Take care of your parents

They could have simply abandoned us when we were young, helpless, and unproductive… but they didn’t. Despite the burdens and costs of raising children, our parents committed to loving us and taking care of our needs. When our careless words, our stubbornness, and our unreasonable demands hurt them, they chose to suffer in silence. They could have simply stopped loving us when we were “unlovable”… but they didn’t.

Imperfect as they are, we have to forgive them for their shortcomings. Perhaps nobody taught them how to raise children – and even if friends and relatives gave them a few reminders, each person is unique, each case is different. Who on earth really knows all there is to know about raising children?

If our parents have mistakes and failures, we also faltered in many different ways. We probably even made our parents our last priority, and even if many of us show up only when we are troubled, they are still there for us.

Have your parents become cranky and very sensitive? Does dementia or Alzheimer’s disease make them forgetful, confused, and suspicious? They may not say it verbally. They may even refuse to admit that they need help, but they do. They need you.

What is that particular thing they did in the past which made you convinced of their love for you? There are countless things. I ask you to remember just one. Didn’t you tell yourself then that you would be forever grateful to them for that thoughtful, selfless act?

Never forsake your parents. They held your hand when you were still young, helpless, and unproductive. They did not stop loving you even if there were times when you were “unlovable”. Remember the number of decades that they deprived themselves of fun, good things, rest, and sleep so that they could give you wings.

If not for them, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Take care of your parents. (MARILYN ARAYATA)