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Dut-thesaurus (alternatively called Dut-tionary) is a compilation of words and phrases – supplied by his fans and foes alike – which attempt to describe the complex, enigmatic soon-to-be-President Rody.

Incoming Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez, for instance, refers to President Rody as a “black swan” – a very rare species. Sonny also describes his boss as an ‘outlier” and a “promdi” whose speech is laced with “xxx”.

I solicited from FB friends their first impression of the incoming President. Here is a partial list of their responses.

A – always prays to parents for guidance, awesome, astute, The Answer, anti-drug, anti-corruption, anti-imperialist Manila, anak nga ni Nanay Soleng, acquired taste (like durian), alarming, abrasive , another Marcos in the making?

B – black swan, brave, bold, brutally frank, beloved by Davaweños, brilliant political strategist, bane of Manila journalists, Big Brother, brash, Bongbong buddy-buddy, Bang! Bang!

C – crime-buster, clever, caring, confident, complex, classmate of Jun Yasay and Art Tugade, concerned about the poor, committed to the down-trodden, contradiction, colorful expletives, classic Duterte, congressman once-upon-a-time, coalitions for reform, “Change is coming!”, constitutional dictator?

D – Dutertelismo (Duterte’s brand of federalism being proposed to solve Mindanao problem), doer, demolisher of status quo, disciplinarian, durian-eater, doting father to Kitty, death penalty advocate, decisive, different, Dut-ermined, Davao death squad, daring, dislikes Trillanes, Dut-y, DuDirty, Duth (verb To Duth) : To do things effectively using unconventional means., Durty Hurry, demeaning to women (sometimes) , “Don’t you dare him!”

E – enforcer, extra-ordinary, enigma, effective executive, endeared to Mindanaoans, executioner (according to him), extra-judicial, extra-legal

F – first Mindanaoan President, fiscal, forthright, fearless, frontal, frustrated with Manila media, favorite expression: “F…. you!”, foul-mouthed, Feh (Yiddish) – an exclamation that conveys disapproval , displeasure, or disgust.

G – game-changer, gung ho, gun collector, gentle to children

H – hardliner against crime and corruption, has his finger on the pulse of the people, hands on, Hawak Kamay Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago, has own way of doing things, Heneral Luna ng bagong henerasyon, “He talks to the crowd.”, honey ni Honeylet, horrible (sometimes), horrendous, horrific, habulin pa rin ng chicks (according to him)

I – irreverent, intense, iron-fisted, incorruptible, inspiring, incorrigible, iconoclast

J – Just kidding, Mr. President.

K – kind-hearted to the disadvantaged, killer of criminals (3 by his own admission)

L – living legend, like a Father to the nation, loyal to friends and classmates, “Let him be.”, lost in translation, left-leaning, lover boy

M – maverick, mover, menace of drug lords, Mama’s Boy, media “friend” ( Rocky Ignacio of PTV 4 only), Mindanaoan, “Mahirap siyang basahin.”, master of strategy, misinterpreted, misunderstood, mad at injustice, molested by a priest as a young boy (self-confession), Marcos admirer

N – no-nonsense, non-conformist, non – ( – you can add your own description), not a Trump clone, “not a dictator” (according to Fr. Joel Tabora), “needs to temper language” (according to Fr. Joel Tabora), “No one can control Duterte.”, naughty in school

O – outlier, oldie but goodie, oldest Philippine President elected, outstanding mayor, outspoken, outrageous to Manila media, often misquoted

P – promdi, Pangulo para sa pagbabago (Freddie Aguilar), punisher, patriotic, principled, “Patay kang drug lord ka!”,

President, prosecutor, persistent, protector of the environment, plague of criminals, perceptive, peace-maker, “Peace na tayo, Pope Francis.”, playboy, plaid shirt (now fast becoming fashionable). (Sal) Panelo predicted his presidency 5 years ago!

Q – quiet (sometimes). (Pastor) Quiboloy predicted his presidency 20 years ago!

(to be concluded next week)
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