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‘Wooden acting’?

Vilma Santos

OUTBURST – The volatile Mike de Leon couldn’t be serious when he said that “Sister Stella L” is his “worst film, a mere piece of anti-Marcos propaganda demagoguery with the most wooden acting.”

Must have been uttered in a moment of angry outburst, owing to this ongoing feud with the producers of “Sister Stella L,” Mother Lily Monteverde and daughter Roselle. It has something to do with restoring what is considered a classic.

Yes, “Sister Stella” is one, with Vilma Santos playing an activist nun, inspired by a real person.

FINE ACTING – How can the acting of the cast of “Sister Stella L” be called “wooden”?

It is considered one of Vilma’s best, along with “Burlesk Queen,” “Relasyon,” “Dolores Cortez,” “Tagos ng Dugo.”

Co-actors Jay Ilagan, Laurice Guillen, Tony Santos, Anita Linda, Adul de Leon, and Gina Alajar performances “wooden”?

No way.

Vilma and company have been praised to high heaven when “Sister Stella L” was shown in the ’80s, when President Marcos was still in power. It took guts to produce the film.

Actually, “Sister Stella L” is regarded as one of Mike de Leon’s best, at par with “Kisapmata,” “Batch ’81,” “Bayaning 3rd World,” “Itim,” and Kakabakaba Ka Ba?”.