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Angelina Mead King afraid to face media

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Ian King, who is now known as Angelina Mead King, has admitted that he is scared of the pressure that comes with media after he came out as a trans woman recently.

“For the press people asking for an interview I would like to request to please hold off as I am scared of the pressure that comes along with TV Media. For now wait for @officialtimyap write up on me;

“I am feeling pressured since so much people are now watching me and my family so I hope we can get some privacy till everything sinks in! Thank you so much!” said King in a new post on Instagram.

King is the husband of Filipino-Iranian television personality/fashion model Joey Mead.

A known car enthusiast and businessman, King surprised his friends on Instagram with an accompanying photo that read: “Sometimes the King is a Woman” following his revelation as a trans woman on June 29.

On July 3, King posted a photo with Mead with the caption: “My rock and my number one supporter.”

King thanked his relatives and friends for their support to his transition. He is the son of the late Archimedes “Archie” Rosario King, founder and owner of Victoria Court motels, who died in a helicopter crash in Batangas in July 2015.

“True love and support is what everybody needs. I’m so blessed and happy to finally be real!” said King on IG.

King’s brother Atticus extended his congratulations on Instagram and now calls him a former “kuya” now an “ate.”

“Here’s a pic with my former kuya now my ate. Meet my new sister “Angie,” said Atticus.

While some fans rejoiced the transition of King, some have praised Mead for standing by her man.

“kuddos! to Joey Mead she’s the Man..however,pls be fair to her if you feel you’re a woman then automatically a woman wud want a man. I feel really bad for the wife when this happens.its like a total betrayal you’re wife deserves the best,” said chechero21 on Instagram.

“You are very lucky to have @joeymeadking by your side during this times. looking at your pictures with her i think she loves you and this doesnt change a thing bet you and her. #lovealwayswim. now i know why@victoriacourtvc has a rainbow card,” commented beejxvii on IG.

King and Mead got married in November 2011 and there were no signs that their marriage was in trouble.

Mead rose to fame when she became a video jockey for Channel V from 1996 to 2000. She has also done campaign ads and commercials in many Asian countries.

In 2005, Mead worked for AXN Channel in Singapore for entertainment show called Ebuzz.

From 2008 to 2009, Mead worked as a presenter for HBO. In 2012, she became a model mentor and co-judge in the first cycle of Asia’s Next Top Model.

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