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Loot to show proof of innocence in front of Duterte

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CEBU CITY – One of the police generals identified by President Duterte as protectors of illegal drug personalities in the country yesterday said he is willing to open all his bank accounts and undergo lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Retired police general Vicente Loot, who was elected as mayor of Daanbantayan, Cebu in the May 9 elections, said he is ready to sign a waiver that would allow investigators to open all his bank accounts to show that he has nothing to do with the country’s illegal drugs trade.

“All the accusations against me are not true and I am ready to show proof that I am not a protector of any personalities involved in the illegal drugs trade,” Loot told Cebu reporters yesterday.

The mayor added that he is willing to under a lie detector test even infront of President Duterte. Loot said he has already urged his friends who are close to Duterte to help him secure an audience with the president.

Based on his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SALN), Loot has net worth of around P100 million, most of them lands and houses. He also owns five luxury vehicles.

Loot said some of the assets he declared are owned by his wife while the houses he owns are acquired through bank loans. The family owns cockfighting arenas in Cebu.

Loot reiterated his appeal to the Cebuanos, especially his constituents in Daanbantayan to stand behind him, saying he will not do anything that would tarnish his reputation.

“I apologize to the Cebuanos, especially to my followers… my 37 years of clean public service is being tarnished by this accusation. Don’t judge me. Please pray for me so I can weather this storm,” Loot said. (MARS MOSQUEDA)