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We’re boyfriend and girlfriend’ – Enrique

Enrique and Liza

Actor Enrique Gil revealed last Wednesday night that he and actress Liza Soberano treat each other like boyfriend and girlfriend these days.

“We treat each other like boyfriend-girlfriend. Yeah, we’re boyfriend and girfriend! That’s how we treat each other.

Our parents hindi naman sinabi na OK pwede na kayong maging girlfriend-boyfriend. Walang ganun. But we treat each other like we are. So parang ganun na rin! Parang it’s the same thing na rin!” said Gil, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS-CBN.

Asked what he would do if one day he woke up and found out Soberano was getting married to another guy. Gil said: “Ipapa-dukot ko sya.”

Given one love wish, Gil said that he wanted to be with his special someone for life.

“Makasama ko nang habang buhay ’yung taong mahal ko. Kasal na ’yun,” the actor said. “When you’re young, you wanna grow up so fast.”

When asked what his mom like about Soberano, Gil said: “I think she balances me out unlike the previous girls my mom met. Feeling ko ’yung ayaw ng mom ko na I do, Liza has the same pages as my mom. Its’s good to have someone who balances you. That’s what she is. Maybe that’s why my mom likes her, too!”

During the “Fast Talk” portion of the late-night show, Gil was asked what he wanted to hear from Soberano now. He said: “I love you!”

Gil, 24, also considers Hollywood actor Johnny Depp as the only person who is better looking than him.

The young actor describes Soberano as someone who is malambing when not in front of the camera.

Gil and Soberano currently star in the Kapamilya primetime series “Dolce Amore.” He also appears in the new film “Dukot” which opened July 13.

The actor said that he considers his role in his latest movie as one of the most challenging roles so far.

Ricky Davao, one of his co-stars in the movie, praised Gil for his acting, especially in one scene where his tears flowed in perfect timing.

“Nagulat na lamang kami tumulo ang luha ko,” Gil added.

Gil describes Davao an amazing actor and a father.

“Ricky Davao is an amazing actor. He’s like a father to me kaya nakakaarte kami ng mabuti dahil sa kanya. Of course si Tito Christopher de Leon. If you’re a good person, you pay attention to everybody. So as an actor, you pay more attention to the emotions.”