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When a public figure of lesser stature says it, it is merely an opinion. When President Rody says it, it is policy.

Here are more “Dutertisms” or quotes from the President, lifted from his various speeches.

On the South China Sea question:

“I want a soft landing for everybody.”

“God knows the last thing I want to do is to fight. If we can just sit down and talk, I would be very happy.”

On the peace process:

“Let us build a nation that is founded on peace and understanding.”

“We are a nation. We are all sisters and brothers by blood.”

“It is a useless war. Bakit tayo nagpapatayan? Magnegosyo na lang tayo lahat. Total ang Maranao dumating na doon sa Abra.” (in reference to the ubiquitous Maranao small businessmen selling their pirated DVDs.)

“We need to insure inclusivity in the peace process.”

“What you give to the MI (LF), must be given to the MN (LF).”

“(Peace in Mindanao) ..will not come overnight…Certainly it will not come next year. Probably it will be something (like) two to three years from now. But I assure you, something will change before I end my term.”

On walking the talk:

“A promise is a promise. My word of honor is something I value very much…. Kung ano ang sinabi ko, yun na yun.”

On corruption:

“Corruption must stop. Lahat ng dapat maibigay ng gobyerno sa tao, kailangang makarating sa tao.”

On governance:

I can only bind the Executive Department which is under me. I want the Executive to observe a policy of full public disclosure and transparency. (When he announced that an executive order on the FOI will be in force shortly.)

Call for unity:

“The ride will be rough but come and join me just the same.”

To those who question his un-orthodox law enforcement style:

“I know what is legal and what is not.”

“You mind your work and I will mind mine.”

To the bureaucracy:

“Do them (meaning cutting corruption and red tape) and we will work together. Do not do them, and we will part soooner rather than later.”

To law enforcers:

“Huwag lang kayong magsinungaling. Huwag lang kayong mag-imbento ng istorya. Just tell me the truth and I will protect you.”

“I will be harsh… not cruel… but I will be harsh.”

To Leni Robredo (by phone) when he offered her the position of HUDCC Chair:

“Puede ka sa Housing, Ma’am?…..Tanggapin mo, Ma’am?”


– What do President Duterte and Vice President Robredo (aka “DubRedo”) have in common?

1. Both are promdis.

2. Both are lawyers.

3.Both were reluctant candidates.

4. Both are legally single.

5. Although they came from opposing politial camps, they mutually respect each other. President Rody even deferentially calls her “Ma’am Leni”.

– The International Bromeliad Society (IBS) officially named the newest Neoregelia hybrid as ‘Neoregelia Rody Duterte,’ reported the Mindanao Times.

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(Atty. Ignacio R. Bunye)