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Love or career?

Bea and Gerald

EITHER OR – Star Cinema’s “How To Be Yours” tackles the question: Love or Career. No middle ground or compromise.

Either Or.

The romance-drama stars Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson, playing lovers who face the reality that one can’t have the best of both worlds. It’s either Love or Career.

Some years back, Bea and Gerald were in such a situation. But their love affair – offscreen, that is – was short-lived as time and circumstance came in the way. Both were already busy with career, paired with other actors, and there was no room for romance.

Besides, Gerald admitted, he was immature at that time and didn’t know how to handle the situation.

THIS TIME – Yes, it’s different this time. Gerald has matured a lot since then. Well, Bea has always been wise beyond her years.

Both are unattached. As they say, single and ready to mingle.

But are they? Will love come the second time around?

Why not? That, more or less, is their answer.

Well, wait a while. They can’t afford to give love preference at the expense of career.

Perhaps in time, in time.

SUPERB ACTING – From matinee idol, Gerald turned into a fine actor. Think of his performance in the internationally acclaimed Erik Matti masterpiece “On the Job,” holding his own against the formidable Joel Torre.

Through the years, Bea metamorphosed into a superb performer, shining on television and the big screen. She starred in two of the biggest hits of 2015, “The Love Affair” and “A Second Chance.”

In “How To Be Yours,” Bea and Gerald show how much they’ve gone a long, long way as persons and actors.

Directed by Dan Villegas and written by Hyro Aguinaldo and Patrick Valencia.

Join Bea and Gerald as they embark on a roller coaster ride, filled with love, laughter, pain, and tears.