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NBA: Linsanity in Brooklyn

NEW YORK (AP) – Jeremy Lin has officially returned to the New York area. He captivated the city in his Linsanity era when he averaged 24 points, nine assists and four rebounds for the Knicks during a 10-game stretch in February 2012.

Lin comes to Brooklyn as the starting point guard for the Nets. He’s reuniting with coach Kenny Atkinson, the former Knicks assistant coach who helped him develop.

“The way I was looking at free agency is kind of when you invest in a start up company,’’ Lin said. “You don’t necessarily look at the product right then and there at that moment.

That is a big part of it, but you’re kind of betting on the founder a lot of times. You’re betting on what that person is capable of doing because sometimes as you go through the process the final product is going to change a lot and that’s very common in start ups.”