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Amusing, entertaining

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RECOGNIZED – After the third season of “It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez” on the E! channel, Asia’s controversial family thought it was time – and wise – to call it quits. After all, “Gutz” rated and earned very well. So why not end on a high note?

But then members of the “Gutz” family were recognized everywhere they went. Annabelle recalls that while in Hong Kong, young people approached her, saying, “Oh, the wicked mother!” In Singapore, Ruffa was approached in hotel lobby for “selfie.”

“Sayang naman kung di itutuloy,” says Annabelle.

There are many companies eager to place commercials in “Gutz.”

SEASON FOUR – And so on Monday, July 25, the hit original reality series is back every week at 8:30 p.m. – on E!, of course.

Needless to say, the adventures and misadventures of the Gutierrez family take center stage oncam.

At once dramatic and comic, with tears and laughter. But always amusing and entertaining.

“Gutz” is aired all over Southeast Asia. Season 4 includes China, Korea, and Japan.

Perhaps in time, even Europe and the US would be included.

DIVIDED – The year 2016 sees a divided Gutierrez family.

Mother (Annabelle) and daughter (Ruffa) are, as always, at odds. Annabelle disapproves of Ruffa’s sweetheart, a foreigner. But it seems that Ruffa has learned to bear with the situation, busy as she is with lovelife, career and daughter Lorin and Venice.

Newlyweds Elvis and Alexa are into businesses and raising a child.

Richard is slowly but surely reclaiming his A-List status. Wife Sarah is billed “Dance Diva.” But more than anything else, they are parents to adorable son Zion.

Raymond is a PR magnate and entrepreneur, described by colleague Jun Lalin as “the richest of ’em all.” Seems that he is distancing himself from the rest of the family.

GRANDPARENTS – By the way, at the presscon of “Gutz,” Annabelle broke into tears when she recalled Ruffa’s close brush with death. Eddie had to console her. Also, Annabelle forever worries about Richard’s risky sports, including biking all over the country.

Eddie and Annabelle enjoy being grandparents, but they have others ambitions on the horizon.

Indeed, “It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez.”