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What keeps beauty queen forever young

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‘SARIWA’ – Yes, what keeps a beauty queen forever young?

The “loudest whisper” is young men. In the words of the beauty queen’s friend, “sariwang dugo at laman.”

Is the beauty queen a cougar?

Not really as she isn’t like a “cat on heat, on the prowl.” It’s just that young men, preferably handsome, of course, gravitate toward the beauty queen who’s kept her face and figure remarkably well preserved despite the passing of decades.

She’s seen dating guys young enough to be her nephews, or even son. But the age difference isn’t obvious. As earlier noted, she’s forever young… thanks to “sariwang dugo at laman.”

The beauty queen doesn’t look like “tita” or “ate” or “nanay” to the “bagets.”

‘INGGIT’ – Lady friends say, “You’re flirting again”… to which she replies, “Inggit lang kayo.”

To gay friends she jokes, “Behave kayo… akin lang siya.”

By the way, young “escorts” learn a lot from the beauty queen. Not only in terms of sex, but in so many things.

Business, politics, government. Even art and culture and history.

TEEN GENTLEMAN – Mel Caparas reports that Mark Spencer Abadilla of Lucena City (Quezon) is representing the Philippines at the Mr. Teen Int’l 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from July 21 to 25.

Mister Teen Gentleman Philippines, 17, is a sophomore in tourism management at the Enverga University Foundation.

Will Mark Spencer bring home the crown?

Reigning Mr. Teen Int’l is Dolly Parlin of Indonesia.