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Biker killed, woman hurt in road rage

Police are now hunting down a car-riding man who shot a biker dead and seriously wounded an 18-year-old woman during a road rage incident that was recorded by a CCTV in Quiapo, Manila, Monday night.

Police identified the fatality as Mark Vincent Garalde, a gaming assistant, who was riding a mountain bike when the incident happened.

Meanwhile, Rocel Bondoc, who was hit by a stray bullet in the back, is now confined at the intensive care unit of Mary Chiles General Hospital.

CCTV footage from Barangay 385 showed that an unidentified male aboard a red Hyundai Eon with plate number MO 3746 suddenly blocked the path of Garalde, who was then riding a mountain bike.

In the video, the two are seen having a heated argument, which led to a fistfight.

After the brawl, the victim even got his head inside the suspect’s car, seemingly asking for reconciliation. The two then parted ways.

But as the victim was pushing his bike, the suspect alighted from his car and shot the former several times.

The suspect then boarded his car and sped off towards Ayala Bridge.

SPO2 Charles John Duran, case investigator, said Garalde was then on his way to work while Bondoc was just in the vicinity of their home when the shooting happened.

“She was most likely outside their house, turning off their water meter. But we still cannot talk to her, because she is in a critical condition,” he said.

Bondoc’s relatives are asking the suspect to surrender and face his charges.

The suspect’s car plate has been forwarded to Regional Tactical Operations and Intelligence Center to trace the gunman. (Jaimie Rose Aberia)