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Design’s transformative power

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The gallery was reminiscent of a period film. Everywhere, antique European furniture, china sets, paintings, and sculptures recreated the bygone worlds of Jane Austen or Leo Tolstoy’s novels.

Harringtons Lifestyle Auction and Showroom exuded elegant charm, drawing in history lovers and art collectors alike.

Each furniture and artwork spoke of its own individual beauty. Still, how the pieces were arranged gave guests an idea of which ones complemented one another perfectly.

Bringing history to life at Harringtons seemed an overwhelming and arduous task. For designers Jas Ancheta, Lia Ong, and Chelsea Go, styling the showroom for an auction was fun and exciting.

“It was a huge and daunting task at first, but styling is one of the joys of interior design,” Ancheta said.

“Interior design helps businesses embody their core values, and boost branding by creating the right ambience that reflects these. A more efficient workflow and layout, in turn, creates connections with their customers,” she added.

Each item was arranged to stand out while complementing other pieces.

Most of the items were sold a month after the showroom was put together. This was the result that the trio—known as Design Trilogy—wanted to achieve for their clients. For Design Trilogy, interior designs should incorporate practicality and aesthetics to improve not only businesses, but also people’s lives.

Items at the Harringtons Lifestyle Auction and Showroom give homes a touch of history.

Beautiful yet functional
Design Trilogy first worked with Harringtons for a requirement at the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID).

The troika transformed a 24-square meter space into a functional, Art Nouveau-themed condominium unit for a bachelorette. The task proved to be a lesson on how small spaces can stay functional without sacrificing aesthetics.

The trio has since offered their services to a diverse set of clients. One such client was SM. As part of its Retail Mall Display project, the three women had to design a Shop & Win Promo booth to appear like a living room and entice shoppers to a raffle for condominium units. Jas recalled that even while they were styling, bystanders already started taking notice, snapping photos of the booth.

For Design Trilogy, however, interior designing served as more than a tool for sales. In the case of UNILAB Foundation’s Play It Forward Project, the trio created a play space at the Fe Del Mundo Hospital to help children overcome their fear of getting a medical checkup.

Hospitals can be a fun and friendly place for children.

Eco-friendly and sustainable
Even as the group strives to create unique designs, it also strongly encourages the use of recyclable materials. “As designers, we can contribute to helping save the Earth by promoting eco-friendly designs and working with suppliers who believe in the same,” Jas said.

In 2015, the three joined an eco-design competition called IDisenyo. The competition required participants to equip a house in Marikina against floods and other disasters. For their entry, Jas and her team used recycled materials and flood-proof furniture. They also installed emergency measures that help families before, during, and after a calamity. The group won first runner-up.

To learn more about Design Trilogy, log on to http://www.designtrilogy.wordpress.com. You can also contact the group at +63 905 229 4597/ e-mail: design3logy@gmail.com.