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Relationship fatigue

Dear Manay Gina,
I have a four-year-old relationship with a boyfriend. Last year though, our “personal” life has slowed down. I admit that I don’t feel the desire for him as I used to. The thing is, when we spend time together, he is very showy and it drives me crazy.

What can I say to him that will make him back off, without being harsh? Every time I bring this up he gets upset with me. I love him, it’s just the physical attraction has gone out of the window. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Reysie,
It is obvious that your boyfriend is still very physically attracted to you. That is why he is “showy”. Of course, this could be uncomfortable in public. There’s no other way of telling him so, except to tell him – but gently.

Your discomfort however could also come from the fact that you no longer feel the desire for him. I think it’s time for a reality check on the exact state of your feelings for your guy.

When disenchantment reigns, relationship partners don’t run away. Escaping the situation will only make it more likely that you will lose each other. Just be more open to him. Effective and compatible communication style is one of the pillars of relationships.


Manay Gina

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“One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace that accompanies it tells the truth.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
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