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Used and abused

President wants to abolish party-list system.

President Duterte wants the abolition of the party-list system to be part of the amendments in the 1987 Constitution.

“Itong party-list, it will never come again,” the President said during a visit to the headquarters of the Army 60th Infantry Battalion in Asuncion, Davao del Norte Friday.

According to Duterte, when the amendment of the Charter begins, he will push for the removal of the party-list system which he said is just being abused by rich and powerful Filipinos.

“I will insist: No party-list. Inabuso na lahat yan eh,” the President said.

Republic Act No. 7941 or the Party-List System Act was enacted to give those in the “marginalized and underrepresented sectors, organizations, and parties, and who lack well-defined political constituencies but who could contribute to the formulation and enactment of appropriate legislation that will benefit the nation as a whole” an opportunity to be represented in Congress.

However, Duterte noted the original intention of coming up with a party-list has been defeated because only those who have the money are the ones getting elected as party-list representative.

“Ang nananalo ‘yung may pera, representing the what? Security guards,” Duterte stated.

Because of this, the President called the party-list system a “mockery of the law” and the “most insulting” thing that one could do.

“Kasi…‘yung pera, mag-bili ka (kahit) ano diyan, ‘United Idiots Association.’ Tatakbo. Ayan. Nagkalat kayo diyan. Kayong mga Left, nandiyan. Marami kayo,” said the President.

In his speech, Duterte also defended his decision to amend the 1987 Constitution through a Constituent Assembly, saying that it will be costly to go through a Constitutional Convention.

“Kung ako, ayaw ko mag-Con-Con. Bakit? Magastos. It will run into billions. Sa National Security Council pa, sabi ko, easily I’ll be spending like about P200, P300 billion. Napakasayang ng pera,” said the President, adding that he trusts the lawmakers who have been elected by the people to facilitate the change.

“I have trust, na itong mga senador …pinili ng mga tao ‘yan. That is the essence of democracy. We elect leaders…

It means to say ang tao may trust,” he said.

Duterte further assured the public that he will see to it that in amending the Constitution, the result will be responsive to the will of the people.

“Hindi naman ako tanga na papayag ako ng Constitution na anti-Pilipino. ‘Yan ang asahan ninyo. That is the job of the President,” said Duterte.

“I will not allow it. I will not allow it. So you could only come up with the Constitution that is responsive to the will of the people. And I will be there to read what you have worked on,” he added. (ELENA L. ABEN)