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Pope, pop rock World Youth Day

BRZEGI, Poland – Saints dropping disco moves and nuns belting their hearts out rocked the final night of a Catholic youth extravaganza headlined by Pope Francis in Poland on Saturday.

A grinning Francis was cheered on by over one million pilgrims from around the world as he arrived and walked through a special Holy Door with six youngsters he then insisted hitch a lift with him in his Pope mobile.

He used his prayer to urge “dull kids” to swap their sofas and video games for walking boots so life does not pass them by, and got everyone to hold hands, forming a human chain across the vast plain near Krakow.

Youngsters got up and danced as Italy’s famous singing nun Sister Cristina rocked a hymn and performers acted out a scene in which Poland’s Saint Faustina feels her calling during a night out dancing.

“We came from the other side of the world to hear the Pope’s message,” said Christina Criseina, 30, from Puerto Rico, who said she took four flights to get to the World Youth Day celebrations. (AFP)