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Duterte set to name mayors in drug trade

After publicly naming and shaming five police generals involved in illegal drugs, President Duterte now holds the list of 27 local government executives allegedly implicated in the illicit operations.

The President is expected to reveal the names of the alleged erring local officials “either tonight or tomorrow,” according to Chief presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo.

The list of local government executives, provided by intelligence authorities, has “prominent names” and came mostly from the provinces, Panelo said in a media interview at the Palace.

“Basta ang sabi ni Presidente, ‘Kilala ko ito pero I have a duty to serve and protect the (people),” the Palace official said, remembering the President’s resolve to identify them in public during the Cabinet meeting last Monday in Malacañang.

“You will be shocked (by the list),” Panelo added.

Asked to name some of the local officials, Panelo said he knew some of the names but declined to preempt the President’s announcement. He said it was prudent to wait for the President’s statement.

Once identified in public, Panelo said the concerned local government officials are expected to be given due process similar to the fate of the five police generals.

Last month, the President said many mayors were involved in the illegal drug trade but refused to bare their names at the time. Duterte however has no love lost for these officials involved in the drug trade, saying they are beyond redemption and must “commit suicide” because they were destroying the country. (GENALYN KABILING)