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Fingerpointing is not the way

Two weeks after President Rody Duterte’s inaugural SONA, his key messages continue to resonate. And they will continuously be repeated since they form the core of the President’s blueprint for change.

In last week’s article, we reported some of his key messages. We now pick up where we left off.

Emergency power to solve traffic problem
“The worsening traffic could be logically addressed if Congress could accord me emergency powers to remedy the situation….. Ayaw mo, OK lang sa akin…. Kung gusto ninyong madaliin, nasa inyo yon. If you give it, fine. If you don’t give it.. we take the longer route….. slowly…”

“Baka sabihin ninyo magkaron ng graft and corruption. I assure you this will be a clean government.”

“I understand your misgivings. Ako makagrantiya 101 per cent. It will be clean.”

“Our anti-colorum campaign and out-of-line apprehensions including removal of terminals will be intensified. And my God… it will be done.”

“Reviving the Pasig river ferry is a viable option.”

Social Justice
“No demolition, if no relocation.”

“Return Laguna Lake to the small fishermen…… The poor fishermen will have priority in its entitlement.”

Anti – Red Tape
“We are against those who make our lives miserable.”

“We must reduce to the barest minimum the time needed to process business permits and licences.”

Reproductive Health Law
“The implementation of the responsible parenthood and reproductive health law must be put into full force and effect. …. (There is a need for) freedom of informed choice on the number and spacing of children.”

Some ‘feel good’ proposals
*Establishment of a hot line to the President via 8888. – “For those who have valid complaints against graft and corruption, I will open the gates of Malacañang.” Note that this is reminiscent of the ten-centavo telegram initiated by the late President Ramon “The Guy” Magsaysay. Magsaysay’s management style endeared him to the masses.

*Establishment of free Wifi access for students and travellers in public places.

*One-stop-shop for OFWs applying for /or renewing their passports.

Love of Country
“Courage knows no limits. Cowardice does.”

“Revitalize ROTC to teach love of country and good citizenship.”

Other Reforms
“We will lower personal and corporate income tax rate and relax the bank secrecy law. “

“Reforms to ensure competitiveness and promote ease of doing business will be mandatory.”

On criticisms of the President
“Tanggapin ko ang pagmumura ninyo. Huwag lang sa malapitan.”

Duterte SONA humor
“Nanalo nga ako….. hindi ko alam kung bakit nandito ako (referring to the podium from where he was speaking). Noong una, doon lang ako (pointing to the direction of the seat he once occupied as a Congressman.)”

“Sino man ang nagsuporta sa inyo sa akin? Wala man. Not a single congressman. Except for two governors. Pero ngayon…. (pause) ” (laughter from those who jumped ship to join the “super majority”)

“Makinig kayo… hindi panay tawa diyan!”

Magellan is the culprit
In the beginning of his speech, the President proclaimed that there would be no finger-pointing. Well, not quite. The President blamed the long-dead Magellan for displacing the Muslims when Magellan landed in 1521 and declared the islands as property of the King of Spain. That was a “historical injustice” to the Muslims, whose arrival preceded all other groups by more than a 100 years.

That “historical injustice” needs to be corrected, the President said.

His proposed solution: Pass the BBL, minus the constitutionally questionable provisions. Then, adopt a federal form of government (a parliamentary/ presidential type) to ensure a more just and equitable re-allocation of political powers and resources.

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