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Osmeña open to lie detector test

CEBU CITY – Mayor Tomas Osmeña here has publicly challenged former Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama to a lie detector test after his name was included in the list of politicians, policemen, and judges allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

“He said the truth will set him free? Let’s see about that. I am willing to sacrifice my civil liberties and will submit to the test at the same time as him,” Osmeña said.

Osmeña defeated Rama in the May elections. The incumbent mayor has claimed that Rama’s supporters have been spreading allegations that he is a drug protector.

Aside from challenging Rama, Osmeña also issued the same challenge to Supt. Romeo Santandar to undergo the same test that will be broadcasted live and administered by the National Bureau of Investigation.

“I have nothing to hide. Do they?” Osmeña said.

Rama said he had already presented himself before the central office of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) to clear his name, a day after President Rodrigo Duterte named him as among the politicians involved in illegal drugs. (Mars Mosqueda, Jr.)