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Ghosts on a lighter note


AUGUST being Ghosts Month, according to our Chinese brothers, we continue on a lighter note this time.

Ghosts can also be used in a figurative form.

Kung iniwan ka ng mahalagang tao, kaibigan man yan o kaibigan, para na rin silang nag-iwan ng kalahati ng kaluluwa nila sa iyo.

Maraming alaala o mga katanungang naghihintay ng kasagutan.

They could also stem from childhood. A favorite toy, a stuffed toy you once loved and lost that has now found its home in the arms of an orphan (yes, with reference to that American psychological film of the same title).

These ghosts will find places in parts such as your heart and mind, cheesy as that sounds.

But, that is human. Tao lang. It’s part of life, the way they leave a part of them with you (even when you’re already apart.) Isn’t it ironic how we can speak of life, then shift to death and loss all of a sudden?

* * *

British rock band Coldplay in its sixth studio album titled “Ghost Stories” compiled tracks that one may dedicate not necessarily to a deceased loved one, but more likely to a certain memory of a person that stays alive in one’s system.

Chris Martin, lead singer, shared how they came up with the idea by questioning, “How do you let the things that happened to you in the past – your ghosts – how do you let them affect your present and your future? Because there was a time when I was feeling like they were going to drag me down and ruin my life, and the lives of those around me.”

He quotes an essential lesson/realization he has learned: “If you sit with your experiences and the things you’ve been through, they alchemize.”

At the time he heard this, he did not fully comprehend the idea. But he trusted that it would work as he said, “The more that I was learning about that, the more music just started flowing through.”

Speaking of Coldplay, I’ve heard from the youngsters that the band is coming to Manila sometime in November? Let’s stay tuned.

Lighten up

Sandali, huling hirit. Sasabihin mo na ba sa kaniya?

“Ilang buwan at halos mag-iisang taon na ang nakalipas, sigurado na ako — ikaw na nga Agosto ko.”

* * *

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