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Looking forward

Aga and Lea

LOOKING FORWARD – Yes, people are looking forward to the return of Sharon Cuneta to the big screen via an indie titled “Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha,” meant for the 2017 Cinemalaya, with Mes de Guzman directing. One of Sharon’s finest films was the independently produces “Crying Ladies,” with Hilda Koronel, Angel Aquino, and Eric Quizon. Tony Gloria’s Unitel bankrolled “crying Ladies,” directed by Mark Meily.

While at it, also looking forward to a planned big-screen reunion of Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga… if and when they lose excess pounds.

Ditto the reported movie to be directed by Mike de Leon, with Vilma Santos in the lead role. Director and actress were decades back together in “Sister Stella.”

HISTORY CON MANILA – An event worth looking forward to is the participation of Philippine Veterans Bank’s award-winning World War II Traveling Exhibit in the first-ever History Con Manila from Aug. 25 to 28 at the World Trade Center.

Colleague Remy Umerez provides Highspeed with details.

“We at Veterans Bank are honored to be part of the first ever History Con and we look forward to even more partnerships in the future with History Asia as we see a lot of common goals,” said Mike Villa-Real, PVB vice president for corporate and consumer relations.

For his part, A&E Country Head Jacque Ruby also thanked PVB for joining History Con. “We are likewise honored that PVB is part of this historic event. Their artifacts help make the convention both entertaining and educational especially for the students visiting the event.”

The exhibit entitled “War of Our Fathers” features photos, memorabilia, and artifacts about World War II in the Philippines that serve as a tribute to the bravery, patriotism, and determination of Filipino men and women who fought and died for freedom, and for those who survived those dark years of our country’s history. It also hopes to educate the generations of today on the lesson of war and to uplift the legacy of our World War II veterans as well as the sacrifices they undertook for the price of freedom.

EPIC IN SCALE – Since it began its tour of duty in 2006, PVB’s WWII Traveling Exhibit has been to numerous cities and municipalities all over the country and has been displayed in schools, museums, city and municipal halls, and malls.

It has won the Anvil and Gold Quill awards and in 2009, the exhibit was mounted at the Nanjing War Memorial Museum in China upon the invitation of the local government of Nanjing.

Like the channel, History Con will be epic in scale and cover a broad-range of genres and interests, with dedicated areas for the paranormal/sci-fi, survival and adventure, motoring, history and culture. The four-day ticketed event will be held at the World Trade Center and will be open to the public.

HISTORY Con will also feature a star-studded lineup of popular HISTORY personalities who will make appearances, sign autographs, host talks and conduct workshops over various days. Fans will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio Tsoukalos, Storage Wars’ Brandi and Jarrod Passante, Gangland Undercover’s Damon Runyan, Photo Face Off’s Justin Mott, and the cast of Celebrity Car Wars, which includes several Filipino celebrities like KC Montero, Joey Mead King and Marc Nelson and professional car driver, Gaby de la Merced.

The convention passes are now available for sale at HistoryAsia.com/HistoryCon.