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Bato to drug users: Kill all drug lords

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Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), encouraged yesterday drug users to kill every drug lords they know and even their houses as an expression of anger for being victims of illegal drugs abuse.

In his visit in Bacolod City where he met several suspected drug users and pushers who surrendered, dela Rosa said they have all the right to be mad since drug lords are destroying their lives and raking in money from them.

“You are being used as instruments of these drug lords, they are the ones who are getting rich, having good bodies and good life because they are not using drugs,” said dela Rosa.

“Now if you know these drug lords and you want to kill them, then kill them. You can kill them because you are the victims,” said dela Rosa.

More than 1,000 small time drug pushers and users were killed either in legitimate police operations or those being liquidated by vigilante groups.

Some groups have been criticizing the Duterte administration, saying the illegal drugs war is anti-poor since all of the victims are poor.

“You know the drug lords here so go to their houses and burn them. Show your anger to them,” said dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa’s statement before the drug users and pushers in Bacolod City came a few days after he was advised by Senator Leila de Lima to tone down his tough soundbites as this could be misconstrued as encouraging vigilantes to kill illegal drugs personalities.

Dela Rosa said that if the government would not act now, the illegal drugs problem will continue to worsen.

To illustrate how worst the illegal drugs problems in the country, dela Rosa said drug money is now being used to win elections of politicians.

Even those in the justice department, he said, is benefitting a lot from illegal drugs syndicates by making sure that cases against drug lords would not prosper.

“We invited a fiscal and we found out that this fiscal has P600 million in the bank. Where would he get that huge sum of money?,” said dela Rosa.

He also disclosed that some judges are on the take in exchange for dropping the cases against drug lords.

Amid criticisms of anti-poor drugs war, dela Rosa urged the public to hold on as he vowed go after big time drug lords.

“Relax lang kayo, may kalalagyan ang mga drug lord na ‘yan,” said dela Rosa.

He then expressed optimism that the Duterte administration will finally meet its campaign promise of ending the illegal drugs war in three to six months. (AARON B. RECUENCO)

  • Juan Dela Cruz

    Tangnang mga druglords na yan eh. Ayaw mag negosyo ng mahusay. PLs naman po, mga lehitimong mga negosyo na lang, iwan nyo na ang negosyo sa droga.