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Quit, gov’t officials facing charges told

Government officials facing corruption cases are no longer wanted in the Duterte administration.

The President has asked government officials with pending corruption complaints to just leave public service or risk getting shamed in public.

“Kung may kaso kayo, there are complaints against you, you resign now,” the President said in a late night press conference in Davao City Wednesday.

So far, the President said many officials especially with pending corruption cases submitted their courtesy resignations after he declared appointive positions vacant since Monday.

“‘Yung may mga kaso sa Ombudsman, tapos suspended already and reinstated back, they have to go,” he said.

Duterte admitted that he has endorsed the appointment of many officials during the Aquino and Arroyo administrations but have asked them to leave if they have been implicated in corrupt practices.

The President earlier announced that presidential appointees in government agencies must vacate their posts last Monday after learning about lingering corruption in some agencies. Among those exempted from the President’s order are Cabinet secretaries, undersecretaries, and assistant secretaries, and career officials. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)

  • Avery-23

    Most career officials are corrupt as well and they are the ones we have to deal with.