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Cops tied to drugs face serious consequences

President Duterte continues to assure members of law enforcement agencies of his full support as they perform their mandate but he also warned that policemen engaged in the illicit drug trade will face “serious consequences for their actions.”

The Chief Executive stressed that he will not condone erring members of law enforcement agencies, especially those who are involved in illegal drugs.

“Yung mga police nasa drug…Sinabi ko na sa inyo, ‘wag ninyong lokohin ang Pilipino,” Duterte said.

In a Senate hearing on extrajudicial killings this week, Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald M. dela Rosa said that approximately 300 policemen are on the watch list for their alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trade. Some of these erring policemen are believed to have been selling confiscated drugs or giving protection to drug syndicates.

Duterte, when asked about policemen who are reportedly recycling confiscated drugs, expressed disappointment but said that they cannot hide their illicit acts forever.

“Yan. ‘Yang isa. Nabigyan pa ng medalya. Alam mo bakit? Raid, 50 kilos. Five kilos. Tapos, o malagyan pa ng commendation. But in the end lalabas talaga ang totoo. You cannot suppress truth,” he said.

The President has time and again said that the war against drugs will go on and will not be selective. He added they will not choose who to name even if they are rich or are his friends if evidence points at them.

Duterte said that he is determined to protect the soldiers and policemen, especially those who will be charged while lawfully performing their duties.

He added that he has been visiting military and police camps all over the country to raise awareness on his campaign against illegal drugs. (ELENA L. ABEN)