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Hunt for Pokemon

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URRENT CRAZE – It’s Pokemon (pocket monster), of course. Where there are many establishments and people, expect a lot of cellphones being used to hunt for Pokemon.

There are even Pokemon parties, one of them termed “Lure,” being regularly mounted, usually in malls. Pokemon is planted in malls to attract cellphone users who, in turn, eat and shop. They spend money on cellphones (prepaid or otherwise) and malling.

See, there’s a catch somewhere. Businessmen behind Pokemon and malls (and other crowded places) benefit financially.

Of course, Pokemon can be addicting and even dangerous (falling off escalators and bumping other people, and other accidents, while concentrating on the current craze). No wonder it’s wisely banned on most campuses.

NO RELATIONS – People are asking if Pokemon is related to Pokey (nickname of comedienne Pokwang) or Poque-Poque (Ilocano dish made mainly of eggplant).

The answer is a big NO. They simply rhyme with each other.

MAN OF THE YEAR – Karan Singhdole, named Man of the Year 2016 in Grand Central Hotel in Pekanbaru, Indonesia, is described by Highspeed contributor Mel Caparas as “Pure Indian with Pusong Pinoy.” The 23-year-old model was born and raised in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and is studying at STI College, taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management.

He dedicated his Man of the Year title to his father who has cancer. Karan is taking care of him.

Runners-up are: Tarek Moaykel of Lebanon (1st), Tim Beryrams of The Netherlands (2nd), Trinh Xuan Nhan of Vietnam (3rd), and Meirizal Rifa’l of Indonesia (4th).

Karan speaks five languages: Punjabi, Bengali, Hindi, Filipino, and English. He was accompanied to Indonesia by Carlo Morris Galang, who’s behind the Misters of Filipinas search.

Q&A – During the question-and-answer portion, Karan was asked:

If you win the title Man of the Year 2016, what is your action for the wildlife conservation in the world?

Answer: If I win the title, I will protect the rights of animals on how we human being protect our rights. Put effort and protect and preserve the lives and the habitat of animals by using the power of social media. That would be my real action to the wildlife preservation.