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Jessie J beats copyright appeal over smash hit ‘Domino’

British pop singer Jessie J on Friday persuaded a US appeals court to reject a California songwriter’s claim that she stole the melody from one of his songs for her 2011 hit “Domino.”

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals said Will Loomis did not show that Jessie J, Dr. Luke, Max Martin and other “Domino” writers had access to his 2008 song “Bright Red Chords,” and that his copyright was infringed.

Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group and various affiliates were also defendants.

Loomis said he had furnished a copy of his song, recorded in 2009 with his band Loomis and the Lust, to a record executive assigned to “find” and “share” music, and that through her it could have found its way to the “Domino” writers. (Reuters)