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Heroic dog saved child


People have always possessed a soft spot for dogs, especially heroic dogs. Whether it’s on TV classics like Lassie or heart-warming family films like Homeward Bound, the idea of dogs rescuing their human masters (or even complete strangers) captures our love and affection.

It seems but natural that we generally love to hear stories about dogs that save people in real-life situations.

One of these heroic dogs who saved people from perilous circumstances is a guy named Brutis.

Brutis was a 7-year old golden retriever when he became a hero in 2004. The lovable pooch snatched up a coral snake as it slithered dangerously close to a child.

Brutis suffered an almost fatal bite from the snake. His heroism did not go unnoticed.

Brutis was flown to Los Angeles to receive the National Hero Dog award that year.

A committee member who awarded the medal said, “When we give an award like this, we’re looking for something extra, something that would make people wonder why a dog would do what he did.”

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On Aug 11, 2016, I posted on my FB account: Exactly 6 years ago, I suffered a stroke. Since then, God has continued to bless me with super health, a loving beautiful family, good friends and the ability to join marathons and triathlons. It gets better every single year! God you are the grand weaver. “All things work out well for those who love you and obey your commands.” I am so blessed, I am so thankful!

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TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): More than 100,000 babies are born addicted to cocaine each year in the US, due to their mothers’ use of the drug during pregnancy.

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In the US, staged wrestling is called “pro wrestling” while real wrestling is called “amateur wrestling.”

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Since 1900, there have been averages of 18 major earthquakes and one great earthquake per year.

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